The orthosis has been developed considering the fact that additive manufacturing as well as 3 D scanning is going to reach medium-sized enterprises. Having been in touch with the process of creating a orthosis from scratch i filtered certain key points which have not been solved proper. Due to the very individual needs (geometry) and trauma (kind of accident) of every patient, it is a disadvantage for orthopedic technicians to deal with industrial pre-produced parts.

Since I was dealing with so called „living hinges“ during my studies, i invested some time in serious research and developed in cooperation with Christian Hartz, a workflow allowing the orthopedist to measure (3 D Scan) the geometry without touching the patient, which besides of being more hygienic is necessary if the trauma includes combustion. In this way you can produce an orthosis at a very early stage of therapy. Afterwards the Data ist imported and shaped regarding the individual therapy. At his point a special hinge is constructed which is then printed within the geometry. Using this idea and implementing it into everyday business could improve the quality of each orthosis as well as the time spending on adjusting pre-produced parts.